Stereo Session 7 Editing is Going Great

I am impressed with the sync to audio feature in CC. I have 6 mixed frame rate cameras which I have been cutting with the Vyclone footage which was also all shot in different resolutions, frame rates and frequency rates. I am not sure exactly how the conversion takes place behind the curtain but I happy to report that multi-camera editing has been streamlined for performance and I have not encountered any major hiccups yet. I can’t wait to start sharing the footage!ss-logo-white

Upgrade to Creative Cloud


I have decided to invest in a subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. They have been adding functionality with each update and I am really excited about incorporating Speedgrade and Prelude into my workflow. Lots of substantial updates and additions to the suite since CS5.5 – I am ready to dive into Premiere, AE,PS, and Illustrator and will let you know my first impressions in a week.

Vyclone – A Social Video Experiment


Gamma Wave Media is exploring the potential of a new phone app called Vyclone.
The platform allows users to harness their smartphones and devices to create synced video projects. This feature uses location and time stamping to sync footage from up to 9 devices. And that part of the process works almost effortlessly.

The software is still in development and oddly we found the best camera phone is the current Apple iPhone. I am told by a representative at Vyclone that the app works brilliantly on a windows phone (a partner with Vyclone). I have not tested it on that platform. There are definitely compatibility issues with Android devices. This could be a cross platform product that has Windows and Apple users happy …. or maybe Google will launch a similar service? Time will tell – but this is certain:

The quality of cameras in consumer devices is already impressive and steadily improving.


For projects where a quick turnaround and multiple POV shots are needed this could be useful but more interesting to me is the yet un-realized potential for this type of technology.

It’s not always about highest resolution and most dynamic range. Gear is only as good as the story you tell with it. The importance of the human-directed creative-process in determining the overall quality of a finished product cannot be overstated.


Is this a scratch pad for multi-cam ideas? Or a social app which facilitates new perspectives are and empowers the masses to direct their own visions…..This much is clear. Once you hit record; It goes live pretty much  instantly –  so behave and be responsible when outsourcing  amateur cinematographers. At least this time the software will not let anyone hold the phone in portrait mode. – What do you think about this technology? Any rules to share for better phone videos?

Testing The Cloudlifter vs Marti Audio Alternative




An informal test confirmed my suspicion that The Cloud Lifter, a sort of pre-pre-amp does indeed deliver extremely clean gain when plugged into a mic chain. Ordinarily Ribbon mics and some dynamics such as the SM7B deliver levels that are too low for the pres section of most audio interfaces on the market. An inexpensive solution to running an additional full-bore pre amp are these tiny devices that turn the phantom power normally reserved for powering condenser mics and turns it into @ 25DB of clean gain that you can run straight into your console or interface. While both the Marti Audio and Cloud Lifter performed admirably. The Marti Audio device imparted a bit more warmth and a touch more gain while sacrificing a touch of clarity in the upper registers. Good stuff, I will be using this piece of gear a lot in the future.