Testing The Cloudlifter vs Marti Audio Alternative




An informal test confirmed my suspicion that The Cloud Lifter, a sort of pre-pre-amp does indeed deliver extremely clean gain when plugged into a mic chain. Ordinarily Ribbon mics and some dynamics such as the SM7B deliver levels that are too low for the pres section of most audio interfaces on the market. An inexpensive solution to running an additional full-bore pre amp are these tiny devices that turn the phantom power normally reserved for powering condenser mics and turns it into @ 25DB of clean gain that you can run straight into your console or interface. While both the Marti Audio and Cloud Lifter performed admirably. The Marti Audio device imparted a bit more warmth and a touch more gain while sacrificing a touch of clarity in the upper registers. Good stuff, I will be using this piece of gear a lot in the future.






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