The City & County of Denver

While working for – Channel 8 TV my responsibilities include transporting, setting up and operating video and audio equipment in an exciting and diverse range of situations. We are the house video crew at Red Rocks Red Rocks Amphitheatre and anticipate providing 4 camera coverage with live direction for around 165 shows in 2016. We shoot largely for the jumbo sized led screen that allow anyone sitting between rows 20 and 80 the opportunity to enjoy the astounding acoustics of the venue without missing the details that are happening on stage. Our recordings live on in the Red Rocks Museum and are provided to each artists who plays the venue. A DVD is ready for the band in minutes after they walk off stage. Other responsibilities at Channel 8 vary greatly. I have been able to work on a number of television programs including Denver Loft Sessions, Red Rocks Premieres, Art Scene, Denver Dialogue DA and Mile High Sports. While working for Denver Media Services I have also had the opportunity to work on a 30 minute documentary scheduled to air on Channel 8 and PBS soon. Working on a small crew to create a reality tv show where as shooters we were embedded with a Denver fire house was an exciting and unexpected experience this employment has afforded me. We are looking forward to the airing of that series which is currently in the edit phase.As was covering events such as the Denver Broncos official celebration in Denver. Getting to spend time working with green screens and conducting interviews, field packages and live broadcasts are all things that are a part of this job. Red Rocks is the most interesting bit but the rest of the job is not dull. And, working with the diverse group of talented colleagues here is always a pleasure.     (present)